About Springbourne Digital

Springbourne Digital is a new breed digital content company with a focus on creating, designing, developing and delivering online tutorial learning products.

Springbourne’s first product, DigitalFirst | Typography is aimed at creative, editorial and technology professionals who are seeking to add method, quality and structure to digital publishing products.


Springbourne Digital is founded by Alan Tucker and Robin Richmond, who starting working together in an agency setting. The duo were both inspired and frustrated by available typographic tutorial products, feeling that the opportunity to provide a practical grounded contextual guide to using type in digital products would make a positive difference for millennial creatives.

Alan has a twenty-year background in developing technology products for the internet, while Robin has been leading creative companies since the early 1990s.


Springbourne Digital has been established to create new bespoke creative technology tutorial products to provide emerging professionals with best of breed tools to navigate modern projects.

Our content is grounded in a strong historical basis (we’ve been there and experienced what we talk about). Our products supply a contemporary perspective on the major issues practising professionals face, while also anticipating the inevitable changes disruption brings.

DigitalFirst | Typography

The course is an ideal complement to student type syllabuses, providing a range of information from basic structural descriptions and ‘reasons for being’, through to useful approaches to setting up responsive modular type scales. It is a useful resource for professionals who don’t have a background in print-based type and want to add greater control and typographic accuracy to their projects/products.

Future Products

Springbourne aims to release further products in the DigitalFirst series and a separate series of business tools providing structural, organisational and strategic tools to empower younger start-up companies in the creative sector.